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My Business Vision

My mission is to analyze, assist and advise entrepreneurs to become savvy and smart about their personal and business finances.

My Business Vision

I am a woman of integrity, purpose, and honesty. I spend time and energy working to accomplish what I have been called to do in life. One of my greatest gifts is the ability to form trusting relationships with people. My passion is to help entrepreneurs shift from fear of finances to complete confidence by creating habits that serve and enhance their bottom line.

I am congruent at all times with my mission so that I build relationships with those who are touched by me. I want to create a fun, fearless, and fabulous business environment by showing people how to implement smart financial habits in their business.

This allows my clients to know where their money is going and what areas are most profitable in their business. Clients are attracted to me because of my personal touch and honest communication in our business relationship. I assist and advise our clients, personally and financially, to learn and implement best financial practices through one to one and group coaching, consulting, digital products, workshops, and presentations. My goal is to have sound practices in place so you no longer need to fear an IRS audit.

I encourage and celebrate people becoming financially smart. My clients want us to help them set up good systems so they are savvy about money…not just making it, but spending it wisely, saving, and sharing in contribution to the world. My services are based on the belief that a successful, passion driven, entrepreneur is not focused just on making money, but in creating a congruent life for themselves and paying it forward into other people’s lives.

My Promise

I promise to be authentic and transparent in all of our business dealings. I promise service to you and your business in ways that are most effective long term.